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Episode 11: MotW and Havenwood Part 1

Hello lovelies!

This week we’re talking about the Powered by the Apocalypse TTRPG, Monster of the Week! And specifically the campaign that I run as the Game Master, or Keeper, and Toby and Rhonda are players in.

Rhonda plays the Spooky archetype. Her character is Minerva “Minnie” Hayes and she is married to a Himbo Werewolf, Wesley Hayes. Minnie is the great granddaughter of the Mothman, making her 1/8th Seer, and thus where she gets her abilities.

Toby plays the Spell-Slinger, Dean Lukas. He is the most recent edition to our group of “Hunters” and trying to avoid making friends while still trying to catch the eye of a certain local librarian hottie.

See you next Tuesday!
Jess ❤

Fun Fact: Jesse was correct, Rhonda did name the Hidden Valley Ranch


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Podcast made up of roomies Jesse, Rhonda, and Tobias.

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